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Automate your document flow
through defined processes...

The management of corporate business should be should be less expensive...and with our workflow solutions, it is!

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RecordMax Workflow Management - All the Power Without Complexity

WorkFlow enables businesses to fully automate standardized business processes, routing any document, anywhere on the globe, anytime, all while tracking the process and alerting users and administrators to the presence of work items that need to be completed. It's a whole new, cost-effective, organized and efficient world.

Electronically organize, control and intelligently route documents that drive your organization. Designed as a fully-integrated solution to our Digital Archive, WorkFlow connects and distributes powerful functionality, eliminating the need for additional integration and installation procedures.

We help implement point-and-click solutions for "real-world" workflow scenarios. For example, accounts payable managers might want to design their own approval process for all incoming invoices. A mortgage administrator can effortlessly navigate thousands of mortgage applications through an otherwise complex loan approval process, and make absolutely sure that all requirements along the way are substantiated, completed within set time frames and meticulously tracked.

It's all about your people. Users are instantly notified when assignments are available and are intuitively instructed on the tasks to be completed before the workstep can transition. Knowledge workers can then make decisions with all the relevant data available at their fingertips. These decisions translate into proper routing and timely assessments, which ultimately drive profitability and increase customer satisfaction.

It's in the detail. Your business workflow processes are thoroughly detailed, audited and reported immediately. Specific instances of an infinite number of workflow processes are tracked individually and can be viewed at your convenience, in their entirety or at any point during the transaction. Information pertaining to active processes is compiled in live, continually-updated status reports. Custom notifications alert supervisors of overdue or stalled tasks, allowing them to be instantaneously reassigned.

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