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Managing your information today
demands more than tape back-up;
it requires a digital archive solution.

Not just cheap electronic storage and not just a back-up, the right solution is based on security, redundancy, integrity, accessability, monitoring...

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Digital Archives - Secure & Protect Electronic Records, Files, Documents, Images, Email & Web Content in a State of the Art Server Environment

The RecordMax Digital Archive Solution is a massive, off-site, ultra-secure online document and content management system specifically designed to facilitate the management and flow of company information for organizations of any size and allows you to easily retrieve and deliver any part of that information - anywhere in the world - in an instant. We deliver this capability to your company without any capital expense or increased administrative burden.

Whether your company needs to store live, mission-critical data or historical corporate documents covered by records-retention laws, we assure availability. And we're fanatical about reliability and keeping your document accessible 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Through the use of redundant networks, server clusters and storage arrays, our Digital Archive solution eliminates the potential of hardware failures affecting availability. Backup power sources and redundant high-speed data lines mean no interruption in service or accessibility.

We support viewing of over 250 file types, from graphics to word processing to presentations. CAD drawings, spreadsheets, scanned pages and Adobe PDF files can be seamlessly viewed as one contiguous document. By providing powerful check-in/check-out and versioning controls, IniageSilo ensures that users are working on the latest, most accurate version. Designed to assist users in addressing government and industry regulations such as HIPAA for healthcare or FDA 21CFR Part 11, extensive audit trails provide detailed security logs and specifics regarding productivity and utilization.

And our highly advanced full-text search engine makes finding information easier and faster. Email, fax and print are supported, as are migration tools for data portability. Global unlimited system access and administration are the hallmark of ImageSilo. Unlike server based enterprise solutions, ImageSilo provides unlimited access to unlimited viewers and can be both administered and accessed remotely from anywhere there is an Internet connection, without purchasing additional software or components.

To learn how easy it is to starting making the right choices on what should stay in paper format and what should become digital, and to learn how you can start reducing costs for management, handling and ongoing storage of your organizations information assets, please Contact Us for more information today.