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RecordMax offers a simple solution
to a serious corporate problem of
managing millions of documents...

Get access to any document via an online interface with all of the functionality of desktop enterprise document & content management systems.

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Global Unlimited System Access and Adminstration With Unparalleled Security and Flexibility

Unlike server based enterprise solutions, the RecordMax content management solution provides unlimited access to unlimited viewers and can be both administered and accessed remotely from anywhere there is an Internet connection, without purchasing additional software or components.

Uncompromised security ensures the integrity of corporate information. Our Administration Console provides airtight security configurations for all customers, while the application provides function-level verification on every transaction. Full support for Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is built-in, along with site-specific security measures such as IP address limiting, session source persistence and more. Additionally, three layers of application-level security ensures that users are granted appropriate access only to the required functionality and data.

External users can also be granted limited, temporary access to specific data through the use of document grants, without elaborate security modifications. Without proper clearance, content remains invisible even to RecordMax or our hosting facilities employees.

Based on proprietary caching technology, we can store all information on an internal network inaccessible to anyone on the Web. The instant a document is requested, our servers retrieve it alone and temporarily place it on one of our secured, web-accessible servers. Once you have accessed your document, it is immediately removed from that external server, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized contact. We never place your entire corporate knowledge base on a web-accessible server.

Optional WorkFlow components allow simple creation and completion of workflow processes. We provides extensive tracking features that audit the entire workflow instance and allow administrators to step in at any point in the process. Elaborate backup strategies mean data is safe from loss. In addition, your data is backed up several times a day through an advanced backup strategy that ensures all data is written to multiple media devices within hours of being uploaded. A set of these high-capacity media are then moved off-site on a daily basis and placed in a remote, secure, fireproof vault for safe-keeping.

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