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The key to easy and rapid access
is to assure you index the right
description with each document.

From capturing specific fields of descriptive data for each digital document to full text searching, we've got choices you can tailor to your specific needs.

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Remove Those Paperclips and Staples...Then Outline What Information You'll Need to Index for Fast, Easy Retrieval of Electronic Documents

Depending on the needs of your specific application, various strategies can be implemented both to maximize productivity during the scanning/imaging process (for example using barcoded separation sheets to help systems tell one document from the next) as well as to capture the "meta data" associated with each record or document. The professionals at RecordMax can work for you and with you to help determine whether OCR (optical character recognition) or zone-based OCR can automate some portion of the indexing process and/or whether other forms of indexing (including keypunching or double-entry indexing) is required.

For the separation of documents, a simple implementation might automatically imbed the current batch and page numbers into the document image file name and store all files an a single directory. A more sophisticated scheme could employ multiple classes of job separator pages to control the placement of document image files into specific directory locations and control the naming of these files according to specified criteria such as folder, client, etc.

Every document that is entered into a document management system must be uniquely and accurately identified in the system's database through the use of specific descriptive information that must either be captured from the actual document itself or that is keypunched and linked to that document when retrieval or other disposition is required.

For example, patient names, invoice numbers, or other key descriptive information that appears on records or forms may be able to be automatically read from those forms and placed into an index; provided the information appears on the same exact place on each separate document.

Count on the professionals at RecordMax to work with you in advance during the planning stages to help put the right solutions to work for each specific application, project or requirement.

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