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Do you need more information
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destroying information assets?

RECORDMAX offers a variety of options designed to meet the sensitivity of specific types of business or personal information as well as your budget.

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Shredding, Destruction & Recycling of Office Files and Records:

Traditional Recycling

We can pick-up paper records of little or no sensitivity that contain minimum levels of confidential information and have this information disposed of through traditional commercial recycling methods. Our partners in the recycling business issue a certificate of destruction and most types of documents are then baled and transported to facilities where they are converted into a variety of new paper products.

Hydro-Pulping (Chemical Dye & Pulp Process)

Hydro-pulping offers the next step up from traditional recycling. Paper documents are transferred to a secure location where they are placed in vats that, through a chemical dying and pulping process, leave documents illegible before being baled for recycling.


Document shredding is a proven method of reducing exposure to information being used for unintended purposes by unknown third parties. To maximize recycling benefits, paper is sorted into types (newsprint, color, white, other) and then shredded via a series of vertical cuts through the documents or material before being baled and transferred to recycling facilities.

Cross-Cut Shredding

Cross cut shredding is the most thorough method of shredding paper documents and confidential information. Records are run along a conveyor that first runs the paper through a series of narrow vertical cuts and then puts it through a second "cross-cut", turning critical business or personal information into an unusable confetti. This method also includes sorting by paper type and eventual recycling.

Witness Shredding

For the most sensitive of customers, we offer a witness destruction program wherein clients can view the shredding of information via a number of the methods listed above. We welcome clients to visit our facilities and view the equipment and processes used to destroy business information.

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