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Do you expect solutions provided
by real business professionals?

RECORDMAX was founded by talented people with a tremendous amount of business experience, people that can truly claim the title “records manager” and that understand the customer’s perspective.

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We’re RECORDMAX; dedicated professionals passionate about serving people that need a safe and cost-effective solution for protecting and then destroying business, personal or other confidential information assets.

You want experience from the people you entrust with your valuable information. We've delivered data protection solutions to all types of customer; from small legal, physician, accounting or other offices to major hospitals and Fortune 500 Corporations.

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RECORDMAX offers information storage and management solutions to a growing number of businesses and organizations across the country. The comprehensive nature of our solution affords our customers to enjoy proven solutions from people that care for vital records, documents, data and digital information throughout the required retention period (comprehensive cradle to grave solutions).

You want people you can trust. You want to minimize risks and liabilities, reduce costs, and still enjoy cost effective document and data destruction solutions. You want people that do what they say they are going to do.

You’ll be glad you chose reliable people that deliver cost-effective and confidential secure document destruction services. You'll be glad you chose RECORDMAX.

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